Wine and spirits logistics

«  Wine is more than a work of art, it is a work of love »,  Michel Bouvier

Wines, Champagne and Spirits e-commerce

ecommerce-zoom1«Devote yourself to your sales, we will do the rest»

GAMBA & ROTA offers you to delegate an important part of your activity, like the logistics of your online sales, to devote yourself exclusively on developing your business, and enjoying the serenity from this source of growth.

Our offer is dedicated to the E-commerce’ needs and bring you a personalized, flexible and scalable solution aimed for excellence and performance to satisfy your costumers. Our project managers are at your disposal to carry out a thorough study of your case and implement means and "tailor-made" process to suit your business, your requirements and the volumes concerned.

We put our knowledge, our experience, and the reactivity of our teams to serve your e-commerce activities matching effectively to your peaks in activity (seasonality, promotions, private sales, etc.), while ensuring an optimal quality at each stage of the logistics process:

  • Receipt your products and quality control
  • Stock control and alerts
  • Management of JIT
  • Orders preparation
  • Conditioning
  • Management of promotional activities
  • Logistics reverse
  • Inventory Management
  • Computer Interfacing
  • Full traceability of transactions and tracking deliveries
  • Customs management and accounting matters
  • Multi-channel Distribution (single parcel, messaging, express, lots, France) France and International

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This quality is guaranteed by the monitoring of the performance quality indicators that we complement with regular meetings with our clients in the case of progress and continuous improvement plan that we apply to all our partnerships.

« GAMBA and ROTA, the right partner to complete your projects »