Wine and spirits logistics

«  Wine is more than a work of art, it is a work of love »,  Michel Bouvier

Bottles dressing

habillage-zoom1Capsuleuse Cadette verticale

We offers covering operations to all types of containers it goes from a quarter bottle to a Nebuchadnezzar, on two sites in AOC Champagne region (near Reims, and Bar-sur-Seine).

In addition to the covering we carry out the following operations on specifications of our clients:

  • label application
  • Back label
  • Fiscal stamps
  • Distinguishing medallions, logos for pregnant women and government warning,
  • Installation of CRD or MT capsules,
  • Gencod pose,
  • Installation of bi-pack grips
  • And any other packaging customization. (Cartooning, cabinets, canister, sleeve, etc.)

We have among others a vertical Cadette capper, the 3rd in the world, which can encapsulate from a quarter bottles to a Rehoboam.

Beyond this capacity, down to the Nebuchadnezzar, we affix and stick the capsules with alimentary cold glue, eliminating all traces of glue on the cap-wire cage.

We provide the same services for laying flexible tin capsules, traditional capsules or capsules with clasps.